Topsoil & Sand

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Please note our #1 soil does not contain vermiculite or peatmoss. As a result it is lighter than #2 soil, but heavier than potting mix. Our #1 & #2 topsoils are screened. By this we mean it is processed through a 1/2" screener removing any and all foreign material. We have dry topsoil available at all times as it is stored indoors. Other types of soil are also available for all you soil needs. Custom blending is available for corporate customers.

We would also like to note, our soil is regularly tested to ensure our customers receive the highest quality possible.

Grade #1 Topsoil, screened, Daniher Topsoil

Grade #1 Soil

Compost enriched blend of sandy loam soil. It is used mainly in vegetable gardens, flower beds and topdressing existing lawns.

Grade #2 Topsoil, Daniher Topsoil

Grade #2 Soil

Heavier based topsoil used for seeding, sodding and building up low areas.

Bagged Topsoil

Many of the products we offer are available in bags. We do all of our own bagging at our location. We feel it's important to give customers all options.

Fill Sand

-coarse sand
-commonly used as packing sand under foundations, concrete and around underground services (pipes, conduit, etc).

Washed Sand

-used in sand boxes, under pool liners, for masonary work, etc. -very fine, clean sand