Daniher Topsoil is committed to quality. Quality service and quality products. We have the experience and we love what we do. We are committed to producing a line of soil & gardening products that will nourish your vegetable gardens & landscapes.
We are experts in the industry. Let us know what you're doing and we'll offer our best advice, experience and products.

  Equipment List

    6 Delivery Trucks
    2 Screeners
    1 Shredder
    1 Stacker
    2 Payloaders
    1 Small Wheel Loader
    1 Backhoe
    1 Excavator
    1 Equipment Float

  Screening Services

On and off site custom screening available. We will supply the shredder, screener, stacker and loader.

-remove any unwanted material that can interfere with important nutrients and growth
-you are able to add compost and sand to ensure optimal growth
-it also breaks down the soil getting rid of any large chunks thus making it easier to work with.

  On Site Bagging

Many of the products we offer are available in bags. We do all of our own bagging at our location.

We have done bagging for other companies as well. Buying product in bags is great when you only need a small amount or working in a space that is very difficult to get to by vehicle.

We feel it is important to give customers all options available.

Daniher Topsoil - Screening Equipment

Screening Equipment

Bagged Product ready to be delivered

Bagged product ready to be delivered