• Daniher Topsoil - Topsoil
    Dry Dirt all year. Stored indoors.
  • Daniher Topsoil - Decorative Stone
    Beautiful Decorative Stone
  • Daniher Topsoil - Mulch
    Gorgeous Mulch for all your landscaping needs.
  • Daniher Topsoil - Topsoil
    Celebrating 50 Years

Daniher Topsoil - Topsoil


First established supplier of topsoil in Essex County (1974). Knowledgable, experienced and professional. Grade 1 or grade 2 soil available. Custom blending for corporate customers also available. Soil tested regularly to ensure quality.

Daniher Topsoil - Mulch


Mulch is a layer of material applied to the surface of an area of soil. Its purpose is any or all of the following:

  • -to conserve moisture
  • -to improve the fertility & health of the soil
  • -to reduce weed growth

Daniher Topsoil - Decorative Stone


These are general descriptions of each product but it is recommended you visit our location to view our product display before making your final decision. The majority of our stone and soil products are offered in bags as well.


“Landscape Supply Outlet Which Leaves No Stone Unturned” – Patrick Daniher Top Soil, winners of the 2018 Biz X awards.

2018 Biz X Award Winners

Commercial Custom Screening

Mobile custom screening available for topsoil and aggregates. We can be in 3 places at once. Available from Windsor to Toronto. Please

Bagged Products

All our bulk products are custom bagged on site to allow our customers this option for convenience and amount; at very competetive prices!


"The experience and knowledge of the staff is uncomparable. They took the time to help me & gave some great tips. I highly recommend visiting Daniher Topsoil."